Do you have a Human Resource Officer, or is hiring one full time an expense you do not have the budget for at this time?  It is important to have policies and procedures that are not only compliant with state and federal laws, but also create a fair and supportive environment for your employees to thrive in.

Whether it is creating and implementing a simple policy such as one governing cell phone use, or helping you with an entire manual for your company, BASE can provide you with the expertise necessary to fulfill this important function.  Let us  help promote your corporate values and enable business success through job design, recruitment, performance management, training and development strategies, and good employee relations.

Experts agree there is no magic number of staff members that dictates the need for an HR Manager, but guidance is necessary to ensure that even a relatively small operation needs to have an HR source available, if not a full time staff member.  Use the link below and contact us today to start a discussion regarding this important part of any business, regardless of staffing size.