Sometimes “Old School” is simply old….


Usually used as a compliment, the term is meant to describe someone who learned the skills at hand in an old fashioned, results oriented way.  “Old School” is perceived to be a better way of doing things when compared to an untested or fly by night method of operation.  When it comes to performance standards, some of the ways of the past are what is missing in today’s business environment, especially in our industry.  Interviewing, touring, and sales skills are still important.

When it comes to a sales platform, KPI reporting, and lead generation and tracking – leave the old school in your rear view mirror.  Companies that still rely on paper systems are missing valuable technology in the fight to increase membership and service revenue.  Most companies we visit are also missing at least 10% of their sales goals right at their front desks.  Documenting and tracking guests, along with counter control to ensure that all entries are paying accounts, are the first areas we concentrate on when improving revenue for a client.

The old style Production Book needs to be a thing of the past.  Your sales staff likely has a book that is too heavy to carry around, due to being filled with old paperwork and dead leads.  There are also viable contacts that are not going to be called, as there is no system to organize them – in fact 25% of your potential members are probably not being followed up on.  Using lead tracking software enables you to see what is actually being done, who is doing it, and what is working when it comes to marketing efforts.  There are metrics associated with every aspect of this industry, and I want our clients to be able to quantify effort – not simply hope things will work out.

There are so many variables to this industry requiring attention that you cannot begin each day with inaccurate information – nor can you afford to lose or misplace leads.  “Old School” is an attitude – it should not be a methodology.


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