The Weekend Warriors – Are they prepared?


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How many times have your sales & training departments told you that weekends are slow?  For years this industry has struggled with sales professionals who accept substandard performance on the weekend. They effectively “mail in” what amounts to 40% of their workweek.

Our industry is still thought of as a recreational purchase despite decades of trying to categorize it as a necessity, and the majority of recreational purchases are made on the weekend.  Since Monday is the typical starting point for those who want to begin exercising, the weekend would be a perfect time to purchase services, wouldn’t it?  Gyms who rotate the staff on weekends, due them being “slow”, are doomed to fail on these days.  It is far better to have a motivated group of sales persons and trainers  who look at the weekend as their chance to shine. Good performances here will many times point to the future leaders of your departments.

It is the mindset that matters; preparation and attitude are two keys to a successful weekend.  The training department should have a clear leader on the weekends, responsible for PT revenue and chasing a goal for both enrollments and member service.  Many customers would love to redeem a session on the weekend, when they have more free time.  Are we accommodating our customers or placating our staff?

There are so many reasons for Saturday to be a great day for the enrollment of new members, but it will require changing the mindset of the staff.  Since Friday is payroll day for most of us, it is likely that half of our prospects get paid the day before we come to work on Saturday morning.  Are we prepared ?  Perhaps weekends are not terrible, but we are terrible on weekends.

There are strategies that improve weekend performance.  Contact us for a free one-hour consultation regarding this or any other topic you would like to discuss, or just to share something that is working well for you.


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