Know The Score



Do I really want to open this?  That sentiment is felt daily, across the world, by managers and owners of every type of business you can imagine.  You know the previous day’s results were not good, and the last thing you want to do is confirm it by examining the daily report.  We have all felt that way from time to time; however putting off analyzing your daily reports is like leaving an unpaid bill on your desk.  No matter how long you leave it there, the news is not going to get better – indeed it will only lead to more trouble down the road.

Open the report.

You need to  be able to scour the productivity reports in order to determine what went wrong, what you did well, and what your staff did to prevent today from being a repeat of yesterday.  Spend the time necessary to gather information for a production call that will be informative, motivating, and relevant – not just a rehash of what happened yesterday.  After all, if your staff needs to be informed of what the final score was yesterday, you need a new staff.  Good employees will realize in short order that you are paying attention to their progress. By drilling down into the KPIs that affect your business, you will find positive things to counter the negative impression that a tough day can leave on a team.

How many contacts were made, and what were the results?  What was our closing ratio?  Which employees are performing well and which ones need training?  These are but a few of the dozens of metrics that must be analyzed in order to ensure your company is following a plan for success.  It is amazing how quickly a bad month can turn around when daily results are graded using KPIs rather than the final results, coupled with training on the proper techniques and behaviors that drive success.  Focus on positive aspects/behaviors of the previous day’s performance and point out how they will increase sales, and the compensation of those who perform them.  Then spend 15 minutes training on these topics.

If you do not have this reporting available to you, or if you do not trust the data, contact us and we will install it for you.  There simply is no substitute for diligence when it comes to tracking performance, and waiting to the end of the month to see how you end up is a recipe for disaster.


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