So it’s almost September, and you have survived another summer hoping that the fall will increase your production and lead to a more prosperous 2017.  If you have been in this business for a while, you have likely noticed that many of the old trends do not apply anymore.

January is flatter than it used to be, and there is no guarantee that the push from the fall will counteract the difficult summer months.  You have two options:

  • Keep doing what you have been doing for years, and hope for different results
  • Prepare your staff by training them to handle any increase in traffic or phone inquiries

Are phone calls turning into appointments?  What percentage of these appointments are actually showing up, and what is the closing ratio on these presentations?  How many outgoing calls are being made, and what results are you getting from these efforts?  Are you running your desk as a revenue system, or are you putting the least trained, least experienced person at the counter?  How much time is your manager spending at the desk, and is he/she monitoring what your staff is saying to your customers?

Unfortunately, summer is often the time where these skills and practices tend to fall apart, leaving your business ill prepared to enter the fall and winter.  It is time to set expectations for the last few months and begin your budgets for 2017, as well as re-train your staff.  Every metric of your business must be evaluated and monitored if you are to be prepared for success in the coming year.

Vacation time is over – look at this as if you were going back to school, and set your expectations and work load accordingly.  Re-cap what happened to all your summer presentations and leads, and set up your production systems with these people at the forefront of your calls.  Ensure your people are trained to handle the excuses from people who are now going to try to push back their commitments until after the holidays, whether it’s for membership or personal training.

When it comes to business, hope is an emotion, not a plan.

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