This was supposed to be fun, wasn’t it?



What drew you to the business you’re in?  Why did you choose it?

I’m guessing you weren’t forced into it…… you thought it would be a great industry to be in, and envisioned being able to make a living and provide for yourself and your family while enjoying what you do.  Then something changed for so many of you – it got really hard, and a lot less fun.

Maybe competition moved in and took away many of your customers.  Perhaps it was successful at first, leading you to open more locations, but scalability problems now have you running around trying to keep all the plates spinning.  Monthly billing is falling, payroll is out of control, attrition and staff turnover are climbing, and profit is sinking while stress is at an all time high.  You can feel trapped, unsure whether to just sell and try to cut your losses or stick with it and hope for things to get better.

Or you can get help.

Most people wouldn’t dream of buying a pair of golf clubs, heading to a course and trying to play without any instruction.  This is one of the few industries I know of where so many operators have no formal training in the business.  Perhaps they knew what worked when they started, but were so busy working in their own business that they didn’t have time to keep up with the trends in the market.  Our egos prevent us from asking for help, or trusting someone to take an objective look and offer advice – yet we sell personal training, telling our customers they need an expert to achieve their goals.

The reticence to try new things and hire experts is not as common in other industries, and it may well lead you to falling further behind financially.  Get help – maybe not from us, but from someone you can research, check references on, and speak to directly versus just reading a blog post or article.  You need something tailored to your particular situation.

This can be fun again.

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