I’m fairly certain all readers have had the experience of hearing a breathless, excited announcer explaining that this is the last possible chance to get a great deal on a car or truck from XYZ dealership.  In fact, even paying close attention is not enough to decipher the disclaimer that precedes this announcement.  This disclaimer is forced by law, due to the lack of transparency in these ads, and is of course sped up to get it in while still providing enough time for the bloviating afterward – “you will never see prices like these again!”

If you are not falling for these kinds of advertising, neither are your customers.  We need to train our associates and keep them from using absolutes and hyperbole; it comes off as insincere.  This kind of pitch – “Final Days”, etc., has been a part of this industry’s history for too long.  Many of our potential customers have their guard up as they enter our facility, much the same as they do when they pull up to a used car dealership.

How can we expect our clients and customers to purchase more product and services from us when their initial contact was handled in this way?  Simply pointing out our facility and shiny equipment, followed by a curious “discount” that ends when they leave, is a great way to lose credibility in your market.  Instead, your counselors need to learn how to properly interview each potential member and determine what their needs are.  A professional presentation allows us to look our customers in the eyes and tell them how to achieve their goals with us.  This takes training, but virtually anyone can learn to do this if they believe in the product exhibit the lifestyle.

Often our advertising can be a big part of the problem.  While price-point ads can be effective in some instances, they demean your value when used too often.  We would do well to remember that we are asking people to spend a relatively small amount of their discretionary income on our product, and there is no good reason for them to refrain from coming to us for their health and fitness needs. If we present ourselves in an unprofessional manner, we will lose them right from the start.

Simply put, when it comes to “Final Days”, they’re just not buying.

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