Rotten To The Core?

Why does your Personal Trainer keep harping on core exercises? The answer is simple – all progress comes from a good foundation. It’s the same with an organization; if your core principles (or principals) are rotten, your company will exhibit the same characteristics.

Think of it in terms of how it affects your employees. If they function in a culture where they are constantly looking over their shoulder for threats from within, they will never be prepared to do battle with external threats like competition, economic strife, etc.

I have seen this first hand in large companies. Politics, disingenuous leadership, poor communication and strife leaves middle management and the rank and file virtually paralyzed, waiting for the next bomb to drop. No new ideas are forthcoming, lest they be criticized or worse – the person proposing change can be labeled as a “poor team player”.

In our industry alone, witness how poorly prepared the large operations were for the onslaught of the HVLC model, and then again taken by surprise by the boutique gyms. These large companies were in a perfect position to take advantage of the studio concept, yet are still stumbling around trying to play catch up, and doing a poor job of it for the most part. This is what happens when you use people to make money, instead of using money to develop people.

Is your company spending a portion of its revenue on continuing education ? Do you have a budget set aside for this, complete with goals for employee turnover and development? If not, we suggest installing these immediately. Of course, we would be happy to assist you in this endeavor, but get help somewhere if this is not your forte.

Your employees will appreciate the new outlook and support. There is simply too much competition out there to be rotting from within.

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