BASE was created after a group of sales, management and fitness professionals got together to discuss how to move the fitness industry forward in times of economic strain. From this discussion came the undisputed point that the industry was in need of a hands-on management, training, and installation company that had the experience to change the financial course of facilities around the world.

Business Advancement Systems Experts developed a unique and proven system that quickly accomplishes three things:

  1. Increases both Membership and Service revenue
  2. Standardizes Procedures and Policies.
  3. Improves Member Experience both at the point of sale and beyond.

Our staff has managed market turnarounds, saved facilities from closure and paved the way for fitness chains to double the number of facilities in a market, to name only a few.

In a market inundated with consultants and advisors, BASE created a hands on approach to training and assistance that is unparalleled.  We do not simply give advice and than leave you on your own; we install, monitor, and demonstrate systems and procedures, creating buy-in from your team.  Our clients receive guidance, training and constant interaction from a member of our management team, rather than just an occasional visit or phone call.


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