Are your advertising dollars being spent wisely? What is the true return? These and many other questions are often overlooked at the end of the month, with only anecdotal evidence to go on. BASE will formulate a plan for both internal and external marketing, establish a budget, and track the success of each campaign, training your staff beforehand to ensure results.

Advertising is an investment – be prepared beforehand to make sure you get the proper ROI when it comes to advertising dollars.  Do you have the systems in place to track incoming calls, follow them through the sales process, and ascertain what the response rate was?  What is the conversion rate on web leads, referrals, and leads generated from outside events?

BASE installs and monitors the systems to track the KPIs of our industry, trains and advises your staff on how to prepare for each campaign, and consults on pricing models for memberships and services to ensure you are in a position to compete with others in your market.